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Ploughman’s Pickle served with a good hunk of strong cheese, Strawberry Jam spooned enticingly onto a warm scone with clotted cream… welcome to the world of pickles and preserves. And what a big world it is.

Consider the idea of creating a glaze for loin of pork with Spiced Apricot and Orange Chutney, flavouring a traditional sponge pudding with Fine Cut Three Fruit Marmalade, or blending Port and Redcurrant Sauce into a gravy to serve with lamb.

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BBQ Season – time to bring out the sauce

We have two fabulous sauces to liven up your BBQ.  Sticky Barbeque Sauce is sticky (of course), dark, spicy and the perfect coating for ribs or chicken portions.  Smokey Barbeque Sauce is a tomato based sauce and one to serve on the plate instead of ketchup. Its delicious smokiness makes it the perfect match for…

The end of the British breakfast as we know it?

I was rather surprised at the extensive media coverage given to the Government’s proposal to reduce the required minimum sugar needed to call jam ‘jam’.  Excuse me for mixing my metaphors, but I feel this was a storm in a teacup.  For years us jam makers have been hampered by outdated rules regarding what we…

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Organic Honey & Mustard Dressing

Organic Honey & Mustard Dressing

Made using our own popular Wholegrain Mustard, Kitchen Garden Organic Honey and Mustard Dressing is based on a tradition… Read more…